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FebPics … what?

Remember when I said that personal work takes a back seat?  You can click here for a refresher.  And now you’re witnessing just how true that statement is.  Today is July 3, and it is hot and muggy.  Seems like a great time to post my February images, don’t you think?  😉

According to all the moments I’ve captured during February, I’m pretty sure I started in Maine and spent the better part of the month in New Orleans.  We enjoyed our sweet little granddaughters, partied Mardi Gras style with family and friends, started a knitting project went to the beach (that was definitely down south!), and even though the weather was on the chilly side in the Crescent City, it was nowhere near the cold New England was experiencing during the winter.

During this hot hot hot … hot …. spell, you may want to find some air conditioning.  Then take a look at the images that follow.  I recommend reviewing them  s l o w l y  so as to breathe in some of that coolness.  Enjoy!  As always, your feedback is welcome!  🙂


personal 365 project kitting

winter bough

kitty, fireplace, 365

falmouth maine town landing


camera, photographer, canon, 365 personal project

little girl dancing in costume

cook, pot, new orleans photographer

tulips. flowers

365 project verizon store

girls in costume

mardi gras bacchus float new orleans

mardi gras beads new orleans

mardi gras french quarter new orleans

tulip, close up, macro, flower photographer

mardi gras, mask, new orleans

little girl, monkey, new orleans

new orleans family photographer

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sunset silhouette new orleans

tree branches new orleans

new orleans algiers levee at sunset

new orleans photographer

morning coffee new orleans

personal project state of maine

new orleans event photographer crawfish

white flowering tree spring

new orleans algiers family photographer

new orleans photographer silhouette

Thanks for being here.  Watch for more catching up on my 365 daily and personal project!


jane berger photography


Jane is a lifestyle, portrait and small wedding and elopement photographer, taking some time this year to work on this personal project — 365 photo a day.  Come on along!


If your’e interested in having Jane photograph the special people in your life, email her at jane@janeberger.com.


family expansion | maine family photographer


Last week you saw photos of my maternity session with Val.  Well, it was really HER maternity session with me.  Let’s just make that one clear….  🙂  If you missed that  post, then click }here{   It’s really sweet!

Val is the sweet wife of my awesome, handsome, smart, funny, kind and loving nephew Joe.  They were married seven years ago (last week to be exact…) and are now expecting their second child — a girl! — and her name is Riley.  How cute is that?  Riley’s big brother, Cam, was on hand for the maternity session that was also a sweet family session with some heart-stopping father and son moments.  We’re at Kettle Cove, on the beach, with a sunset.  *sigh*

So feast your eyes on this wonderful family who I love with all my heart!  They will soon be four, and we can’t wait!!


family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine


family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

maine maternity and family photography

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

family session kettle cove maine

maine maternity photography at Kettle Cove

The love in our family grows strong and deep ~

leaving us memories to treasure and keep.


jane berger photography


Jane is a family, lifestyle and event photographer covering southern maine, new england, new orleans and beyond when the opportunity arises.  For a session that stops a few moments in time, email jane at jane@janeberger.com.






cape elizabeth engagement photographer | a dog, a sunset and a whole lotta love at kettle cove

I could photograph engagement sessions all day long.  Really I could.  I love working with couples whose love for each other knows no bounds, and whose connection is so very strong with the anticipation of starting their future together.  It’s always fun, it’s always special, and it’s always — always — so meaningful.  It’s an honor to share this special time with these newly engaged couples. That they put their trust in me to document their very own magic is so thrilling to me!  I am always humbled.

This sweet, lovely couple’s session was no different.  The bride-to-be is from the midwest and wanted the session to convey all that Maine has to offer so that the folks back home could get a feel for where she lives now.  We had a hard time deciding where to do the session because there are so many beautiful options!  (Oh, and did I already say how lucky we are who live in Maine for that very reason?)  So this session is actually a three-location session.  Our first stop was behind a lovely little church in Scarborough where we knew there would be some spectacular foliage.








I mean, how handsome is this couple???  Next, we moved on down the road to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth for another Maine experience.  This beautiful spot has it all — woods, ocean, sand, and a rocky shore ….















And then when they told me they had a dog?  My little bit of heaven just got a little brighter!  Bring your fur-legged bestie, please!!!!





At the end of the session, we were in the perfect spot for a killer sunset.  It was a wonderful way to end the evening.





There’s more to this session so stay tuned for Part II!

“What if I told you I know someone who thinks you’re the center of the universe?”

-Kol Anderson, Once Broken


Jane is an intimate wedding, elopement and engagement photographer who relishes the opportunity to capture love.  Contact jane at jane@janeberger.com for more information.








cape elizabeth lifestyle photographer | the happiest witch of the east

Part II of this two part series 🙂 has no flying monkeys, no falling houses, no threats against little dogs and no hourglasses counting the minutes to doom.   And much to my chagrin, no ruby slippers either.

However, in honor of Halloween — the spookiest and chilling holiday — we have the happiest witch of the east, and her name is Kristi!  (If you missed part I, click here for a brief lesson in Wicca — the practice my friend loves and lives.)


I’ve been wanting to do this session with her for quite some time and when the moon and the stars finally aligned (well, actually, when our mutual schedules offered some free time….), we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer!  A little background here …. a few weeks before, while covering the Laudholm Craft Fair for Maine Magazine, I came across the nicest ladies who were hand crafting — wait for it —- BROOMS!!!!  Sweet, beautiful, hand crafted brooms, made by Haydenville Broomworks,  and there was one that was just perfect for our witchy session!!!!  (Housework?  Don’t be silly…..)


Fast forward to early October, and we are at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth.  Having just finished observing and photographing Kristi’s Wicca practices, it was time to have a little fun!  The sun was setting and the full moon was a-rising!  Magic?  Perhaps.  I say bring it!











We should educate people that “Witch” is not evil but ancient and positive.  The first time I called myself a “Witch” was the most magical moment of my life.

–Margot Addler, Wiccan Priestess


Have a spooktacular Halloween! And as Kristi often says … Blessed Be!

Jane is a lifestyle photographer, making the most of the seemingly mundane moments.  Contact Jane at jane@janeberger.com for more information.




wolfe’s neck farm, freeport, maine maternity photographer | beautiful baby belly

maternity at sunset

Last summer I was so honored to photograph the wedding of Leigh and John.  The celebration took place at Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport — in the barn, and it was lovely!  Fast forward several months and I get a message that they were expecting a baby!  Woohoo!  They enrolled in my Moms & Miracles program — 5 sessions for one price — that documents the baby’s first year from womb to one (sounds so Elmer Fudd-ish!).  It’s a special program that shows the growth and all the mind-boggling changes of a little one in that first very fleeting year.

Anyhow, I adore these two so imagine my excitement at photographing them again, along with their growing family! I’m happy to report that this baby has already been born and photographed too!  More of those images later.  First, here is Leigh and John on their wedding day.


leigh and john on their wedding day
leigh and john on their wedding day

Well, that wedding was  so much fun that we thought the Farm would be a great place for their maternity photos as well.  It was a lovely spring evening in June with a sunset that didn’t disappoint!  Leigh’s baby bump was the star, and we had a great time!

leigh john maternity stomped_0110 leighjohnmaternity_0103

leigh john maternity stomped_0102 leigh john maternity stomped_0101 leighjohnmaternity_0102

leigh john maternity stomped_0108 leigh john maternity stomped_0109

leigh john maternity stomped_0111 leigh john maternity stomped_0106 leigh john maternity stomped_0105 leigh john maternity stomped_0104 leigh john maternity stomped_0103


Such happiness awaits this couple, and I’m so happy that I can play a small part.  Like my Facebook page to be sure and see pictures of their sweet little guy …. coming soon to a screen near you!

sunset over Wolfe's Neck Farm
sunset over Wolfe’s Neck Farm
A grand adventure is about to begin.                     –Winnie the Pooh


Jane is a maternity, newborn and children’s phtotographer who delights in every session.

For more information on the Moms & Miracles program, contact her at 207-730-1894.  It’s a wonderful way to photodocument your baby’s first year.