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March Madness.  It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Well, it definitely came in like a lion as I was scheduled for a flight from New Orleans to Portland on March 2, only to have it cancelled because of a Nor’Easter.  L O T S of snow.  So I flew out two days later, was here for two weeks, and guess what … two more Nor’Easters hit.  Yowza!

So here’s my merry month of snow, beach, crawfish, scrabble, knitting, nashville and the Grand Ole Opry, and just basic madness … in pictures.  #playingcatchup


ocean springs sunset


slidell louisiana landscape photographer

cirque de soleil

airplane ride new orleans to portland maine

vase of flowers portland maine

yarn shop windham maine

boston rainy afternoon

acorn street boston mass

snowy bough portland maine

hockey game portland maine

puppy holliston mass

brunswick maine restaurant

snowy road scarborough maine


charlotte airport

little girl new orleans

little girl new orleans

little girls new orleans

train new orleans

tree new orleans

knitting new orleans

antique stereo nashville

bridal luncheon nashville

gun control nashville march

nashville in concert grand ole opry

church new orleans

new orleans balcony

little girl in new orleans

gulfport stormy skies

easter lily

grass and blue sky new orleans

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Jane is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in southern maine and sometimes new orleans.  Contact Jane by emailing her at for more information.  And just to say hi!





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FebPics … what?

Remember when I said that personal work takes a back seat?  You can click here for a refresher.  And now you’re witnessing just how true that statement is.  Today is July 3, and it is hot and muggy.  Seems like a great time to post my February images, don’t you think?  😉

According to all the moments I’ve captured during February, I’m pretty sure I started in Maine and spent the better part of the month in New Orleans.  We enjoyed our sweet little granddaughters, partied Mardi Gras style with family and friends, started a knitting project went to the beach (that was definitely down south!), and even though the weather was on the chilly side in the Crescent City, it was nowhere near the cold New England was experiencing during the winter.

During this hot hot hot … hot …. spell, you may want to find some air conditioning.  Then take a look at the images that follow.  I recommend reviewing them  s l o w l y  so as to breathe in some of that coolness.  Enjoy!  As always, your feedback is welcome!  🙂


personal 365 project kitting

winter bough

kitty, fireplace, 365

falmouth maine town landing


camera, photographer, canon, 365 personal project

little girl dancing in costume

cook, pot, new orleans photographer

tulips. flowers

365 project verizon store

girls in costume

mardi gras bacchus float new orleans

mardi gras beads new orleans

mardi gras french quarter new orleans

tulip, close up, macro, flower photographer

mardi gras, mask, new orleans

little girl, monkey, new orleans

new orleans family photographer

prints, pictures., new orleans

sunset silhouette new orleans

tree branches new orleans

new orleans algiers levee at sunset

new orleans photographer

morning coffee new orleans

personal project state of maine

new orleans event photographer crawfish

white flowering tree spring

new orleans algiers family photographer

new orleans photographer silhouette

Thanks for being here.  Watch for more catching up on my 365 daily and personal project!


jane berger photography


Jane is a lifestyle, portrait and small wedding and elopement photographer, taking some time this year to work on this personal project — 365 photo a day.  Come on along!


If your’e interested in having Jane photograph the special people in your life, email her at


Friday Favorites | cape elizabeth, maine engagement photographer

Their favorites.

Nick and Heidi are transplants to the Portland area.  She’s from Minnesota …. he’s from New York.  So when they got engaged, they wanted to do their engagement session here and show their families back home their lovely adopted town.   Heidi was happy to revisit the images from her fall session and as she told me, had a hard time choosing just three, which, of course, is music to my ears!  In her words, “I starred my favorites … (in order if I realllllly have to, 5 seemed way easier to pick than 3!! 😉 ) And, since it was nearly impossible to just pick 3, I went with the strategy of picking 3 favorites based on 3 different aspects I liked about all our pictures. It was fun to have a reason to pour through all of them again!”


No. 1

heidi's favorite pick
heidi’s favorite pick

I love the lighting and colors in this picture, and that I can see our sincere smiles having so much fun that day exploring and taking pictures. Walking along the wooden pathway was so fun to just appreciate the fall colors along the coast, and the beautiful evening. It’s my favorite portrait-type picture of us.


No. 2

love in the old port
love in the old port

This one I love because it shows the town we now call home. Since we are both transplants to Portland, ME it was fun to take pictures in the old port to capture the personality of the cobblestone streets and brick buildings of this fun-loving ocean side town! I love how it has us centered in this beautiful street capturing some of Portland’s energy in the photograph. This was my favorite picture that captured a more scenic view.


No. 3

puppy love
puppy love

Now, this picture may not have a whole lot of us in it, but, our dog Dobby is pretty much our favorite of all time & it was so fun to have him be a part of our engagement session-so I had to include it! He may have been over excited to be exploring new areas 95% of the session, but it was so fitting for us to have him along-plus look at that face. How could you not love it?!


My turn

Overall, I loved this session.  We really split this session into three to get the full Maine experience.  First, we found a location with beautiful foliage.  Next, we went down the road a piece (that’s Mainespeak!) to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth, and then a few days later we met in the Old Port.  So much fun spending time with this couple!

Unlike Heidi, I don’t have a favorite.  I have several.  Her first selection is also one of my favorites, so I’m happy to have the chance to pick a few more!  Here are mine in no particular order….


warming up
warming up

I love the warm feeling I get from this image.  The setting sun gives it a beautiful golden glow, the blanket tells me they’re going to get cozy, and his arm on her back tells me he loves her.  🙂


the look of love
the look of love

The happiness in this image takes my breath away.  It’s a moment in time, captured.  While it may not be the “save the date” choice — the happiness, the connection, the love — is clear.


save the date

save the date

I, too, am a sucker for four-legged furballs and chose this image for that reason.  Dobby is clearly a huge part of their lives, so I especially like this one-big-happy-family portrait!


One more for the road ….


Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I like to end a session with a silhouette.  This evening didn’t disappoint.




Jane loves engagement sessions!  Capturing love and laughter is her specialty.  Contact Jane at 207.730.1894 for information on a session for you!





Jane Berger, Photographer ….. new blog is live!

I’ve been wanting a blog for a very long time!  So many times when I’m out and about photographing, I’m thinking of what I want to share with my clients, acquaintances, friends and family.  And while Facebook provides a good vehicle for sharing my images, it’s rather limiting in how much I can write.  Or at least it seems so to me.

So now I’m looking forward to sharing more of my images along with my thoughts as they relate to my escapades, visits, experiences, and sprees.

My first thought:  I brake for purple!  About a week ago while running errands, I found myself at the gorgeous East End of Portland in search of the color purple.  Knowing the lupines were in season, I was not disappointed.

lupines in maine
lupines in maine
portland, maine
the color purple
lupines, lupines and more lupines
a breath of fresh air

Come on along …. I’m happy to have you!