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Fall is typically my busy time of year.  If I’m not behind my camera, I’m in front of my computer — culling, editing and posting the images previously shot.  This year provided some breathing room and so it was a great time to take a little time off.

Where to go in Maine in the fall?  I would run out of fingers and toes tenfold counting all the beautiful spots in this great state.  So we settled on Point Lookout in Northport — not too far that it would take more than a half day to leisurely make our way there, and not too close so that it felt like we were going away on vacation.  My honey and I, and my sister and her honey bunked in a sweet, rustic log cabin nestled in the woods and warmed by the fire in the cast iron stove.  We took the short trip up Mount Battie that overlooked the lovely little coastal town of Camden, and then went into town for dining and some therapy shopping(!).    Belfast wasn’t too far up the road and it turned out to be a delight, and Lincolnville was well worthwhile for getting up and out before the break of dawn.

We had such a great time that we’re thinking we’ll do it again next year!  I’m happy to share snippets of our mini vacation with you!

cabin in the woods

camden, maine


camden, maine

beautiful morning

point lookout sunrise maine



penobscot bay

pat and mike

warren and janie


morning sunrise

sunrisebeach rocks

rocks at sunrisecairnsunrise lincolnvillesunriseflowers



coastal town

fall flowers

fall flowers


coastal town

coastal town

coastal town

coastal town

I’m so glad to live in a place where there are Octobers.

llmontgomery, anne of green gables


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cape elizabeth engagement photographer | a dog, a sunset and a whole lotta love at kettle cove

I could photograph engagement sessions all day long.  Really I could.  I love working with couples whose love for each other knows no bounds, and whose connection is so very strong with the anticipation of starting their future together.  It’s always fun, it’s always special, and it’s always — always — so meaningful.  It’s an honor to share this special time with these newly engaged couples. That they put their trust in me to document their very own magic is so thrilling to me!  I am always humbled.

This sweet, lovely couple’s session was no different.  The bride-to-be is from the midwest and wanted the session to convey all that Maine has to offer so that the folks back home could get a feel for where she lives now.  We had a hard time deciding where to do the session because there are so many beautiful options!  (Oh, and did I already say how lucky we are who live in Maine for that very reason?)  So this session is actually a three-location session.  Our first stop was behind a lovely little church in Scarborough where we knew there would be some spectacular foliage.








I mean, how handsome is this couple???  Next, we moved on down the road to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth for another Maine experience.  This beautiful spot has it all — woods, ocean, sand, and a rocky shore ….















And then when they told me they had a dog?  My little bit of heaven just got a little brighter!  Bring your fur-legged bestie, please!!!!





At the end of the session, we were in the perfect spot for a killer sunset.  It was a wonderful way to end the evening.





There’s more to this session so stay tuned for Part II!

“What if I told you I know someone who thinks you’re the center of the universe?”

-Kol Anderson, Once Broken


Jane is an intimate wedding, elopement and engagement photographer who relishes the opportunity to capture love.  Contact jane at jane@janeberger.com for more information.








Saco, Maine | Bayview Beach Family Photo Session

a beachy morning

For those of you who have sessions with me, you know that it is a necessity to work the session around the best light.  That typically means either early morning or early evening into dusk when the sun is at a slant, providing the most glorious and flattering glow.    Most people choose the early evening option … not that I blame them!  But not this family!  And I love it! This is the second time I’ve photographed this family in as many years, and both times were early morning sessions.  This was so great for so many reasons …..  the light, as I mentioned above, is just lovely, and we had the beach virtually to ourselves except for a few other early morning beach lovers.  We had the opportunity to run around, play, have fun, and capture some really great moments.  The boys have grown for sure, but still have the same handsome smiles I remembered.  They were full of energy, a little mischievous, and full of love for each other.  I mean, look at their happy faces!

We were done by 8:00 a.m.  So I snuck back for a few minutes of solitude.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Aaaaahhhhhh.



a beautiful morning on Bayview
a beautiful morning on Bayview
a family full of love
a family full of love
special bond
special bond

hassfam_0104 hassfam_0105 hassfam_0106 hassfam_0115 hassfam_0114 hassfam_0113

hassfam_0110 hassfam_0109