point lookout sunrise, maine

fall break | maine scenic photographer

Fall is typically my busy time of year.  If I’m not behind my camera, I’m in front of my computer — culling, editing and posting the images previously shot.  This year provided some breathing room and so it was a great time to take a little time off.

Where to go in Maine in the fall?  I would run out of fingers and toes tenfold counting all the beautiful spots in this great state.  So we settled on Point Lookout in Northport — not too far that it would take more than a half day to leisurely make our way there, and not too close so that it felt like we were going away on vacation.  My honey and I, and my sister and her honey bunked in a sweet, rustic log cabin nestled in the woods and warmed by the fire in the cast iron stove.  We took the short trip up Mount Battie that overlooked the lovely little coastal town of Camden, and then went into town for dining and some therapy shopping(!).    Belfast wasn’t too far up the road and it turned out to be a delight, and Lincolnville was well worthwhile for getting up and out before the break of dawn.

We had such a great time that we’re thinking we’ll do it again next year!  I’m happy to share snippets of our mini vacation with you!

cabin in the woods

camden, maine


camden, maine

beautiful morning

point lookout sunrise maine



penobscot bay

pat and mike

warren and janie


morning sunrise

sunrisebeach rocks

rocks at sunrisecairnsunrise lincolnvillesunriseflowers



coastal town

fall flowers

fall flowers


coastal town

coastal town

coastal town

coastal town

I’m so glad to live in a place where there are Octobers.

llmontgomery, anne of green gables


jane berger photography


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chatham bars inn

Taking a little time — Cape Cod Event Photographer

If today were Tuesday, this would be a “turnback” post.  If it were a Thursday, it would be a “throwback” post.  But it’s Wednesday, and so perhaps we will take a little jaunt with Sherman in the wayback machine.   These images are from last fall when I was on Cape Cod at the Chatham Bars Inn photographing an event for RE/MAX Integra of New England.


I mean, the Chatham Bars Inn!  Have you been there?  It’s quite lovely with cozy and spacious rooms that overlook the beach — the gorgeous beach that is even gorgeous out of season smack dab in the middle of fall.  So that’s where I headed, with a few friends, very early in the morning, each of us with our camera in hand.


Now, when I photograph with other photographers, I want to be sure that I don’t copy them.  However, at first I can’t help but watch what they’re doing (out of the corner or my eye, of course) — Where are they pointing their cameras?  What are they seeing that I’m not seeing?  Should I be photographing that too?????    This particular morning was no different and I don’t mind saying that it took me a few minutes to find my own groove.  It wasn’t until I remembered that when I changed my branding a few years ago, I also wanted to dedicate my camera to shooting what I love.  Shoot what you love, Jane … that was very important to me and something that I had lost sight of for those first few minutes.   I had to reach back and find that desire, and so I did.


Here’s what I saw that morning, and here’s what I focused on.  The nice and unexpected surprise?  Seeing the beautiful and colorful flowers on the way back in when it was light that we missed on the way out when it was dark.  For me, that’s pure joy.




chatham bars inn

Early one morning….

a beautiful morning

scenes at Chatham Bars Inn

beach pathway

pathway to beauty

chatham bars inn

dead stuff that’s pretty

chatham bars inn

beach grass

chatham bars inn

my friend Juan, a very talented photographer

harbor boats

first look at the harbor

chatham bars inn

beach grass — pretty no matter the time of year 

chatham bars inn

moored boats off cape cod

chatham bars inn

early morning beach scene

chatham bars inn

peaceful, easy feeling

chatham bars inn

beach weeds

chatham bars inn

places to go and people top see…

chatham bars inn

cloudy skies and beach grass

chatham bars inn

bittersweet … both the bush and the fact that fall had arrived and winter was on the way

chatham bars inn

reminds me of summer, so delicate

chatham bars inn

pink roses so lovely

chatham bars inn

the best of fall flowers… hydrangeas

chatham bars inn

fall vegetation that I don’t know the names

chatham bars inn

the gorgeous blue hydrangea

chatham bars inn

silhouette of a tree


Happy Wednesday, y’all!  Thanks for taking this little wayback journey with me.




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Friday Favorites | cape elizabeth, maine engagement photographer

Their favorites.

Nick and Heidi are transplants to the Portland area.  She’s from Minnesota …. he’s from New York.  So when they got engaged, they wanted to do their engagement session here and show their families back home their lovely adopted town.   Heidi was happy to revisit the images from her fall session and as she told me, had a hard time choosing just three, which, of course, is music to my ears!  In her words, “I starred my favorites … (in order if I realllllly have to, 5 seemed way easier to pick than 3!! 😉 ) And, since it was nearly impossible to just pick 3, I went with the strategy of picking 3 favorites based on 3 different aspects I liked about all our pictures. It was fun to have a reason to pour through all of them again!”


No. 1

heidi's favorite pick

heidi’s favorite pick

I love the lighting and colors in this picture, and that I can see our sincere smiles having so much fun that day exploring and taking pictures. Walking along the wooden pathway was so fun to just appreciate the fall colors along the coast, and the beautiful evening. It’s my favorite portrait-type picture of us.


No. 2

love in the old port

love in the old port

This one I love because it shows the town we now call home. Since we are both transplants to Portland, ME it was fun to take pictures in the old port to capture the personality of the cobblestone streets and brick buildings of this fun-loving ocean side town! I love how it has us centered in this beautiful street capturing some of Portland’s energy in the photograph. This was my favorite picture that captured a more scenic view.


No. 3

puppy love

puppy love

Now, this picture may not have a whole lot of us in it, but, our dog Dobby is pretty much our favorite of all time & it was so fun to have him be a part of our engagement session-so I had to include it! He may have been over excited to be exploring new areas 95% of the session, but it was so fitting for us to have him along-plus look at that face. How could you not love it?!


My turn

Overall, I loved this session.  We really split this session into three to get the full Maine experience.  First, we found a location with beautiful foliage.  Next, we went down the road a piece (that’s Mainespeak!) to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth, and then a few days later we met in the Old Port.  So much fun spending time with this couple!

Unlike Heidi, I don’t have a favorite.  I have several.  Her first selection is also one of my favorites, so I’m happy to have the chance to pick a few more!  Here are mine in no particular order….


warming up

warming up

I love the warm feeling I get from this image.  The setting sun gives it a beautiful golden glow, the blanket tells me they’re going to get cozy, and his arm on her back tells me he loves her.  🙂


the look of love

the look of love

The happiness in this image takes my breath away.  It’s a moment in time, captured.  While it may not be the “save the date” choice — the happiness, the connection, the love — is clear.


save the date

save the date

I, too, am a sucker for four-legged furballs and chose this image for that reason.  Dobby is clearly a huge part of their lives, so I especially like this one-big-happy-family portrait!


One more for the road ….



Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I like to end a session with a silhouette.  This evening didn’t disappoint.





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cape elizabeth engagement photographer | a dog, a sunset and a whole lotta love at kettle cove

I could photograph engagement sessions all day long.  Really I could.  I love working with couples whose love for each other knows no bounds, and whose connection is so very strong with the anticipation of starting their future together.  It’s always fun, it’s always special, and it’s always — always — so meaningful.  It’s an honor to share this special time with these newly engaged couples. That they put their trust in me to document their very own magic is so thrilling to me!  I am always humbled.

This sweet, lovely couple’s session was no different.  The bride-to-be is from the midwest and wanted the session to convey all that Maine has to offer so that the folks back home could get a feel for where she lives now.  We had a hard time deciding where to do the session because there are so many beautiful options!  (Oh, and did I already say how lucky we are who live in Maine for that very reason?)  So this session is actually a three-location session.  Our first stop was behind a lovely little church in Scarborough where we knew there would be some spectacular foliage.








I mean, how handsome is this couple???  Next, we moved on down the road to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth for another Maine experience.  This beautiful spot has it all — woods, ocean, sand, and a rocky shore ….















And then when they told me they had a dog?  My little bit of heaven just got a little brighter!  Bring your fur-legged bestie, please!!!!





At the end of the session, we were in the perfect spot for a killer sunset.  It was a wonderful way to end the evening.





There’s more to this session so stay tuned for Part II!

“What if I told you I know someone who thinks you’re the center of the universe?”

-Kol Anderson, Once Broken




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maine landscape photographer | eeking out the last bit of fall at pineland farms

A week ago, after a session with a sweet little 4 month old, I decided to take a drive around and see what was left of the fall foliage.  Much to my delight, there were quite a few leaves left on the trees and still a lot of vibrant color.

You should know that this is what I absolutely LOVE to do!  I am so happy when I drive around with my camera, stop wherever I want, photograph whatever I like, and bask in the glory of mother nature and the beauty we are lucky enough to have bestowed upon us.  This feeds my soul, and I love sharing it with you.

Anyhow, I ended up at Pineland Farms — a beautiful campus of buildings and barns surrounded by a white fence that goes on for years.  It’s gorgeous this time of year!  And what first caught my eye on this vast amount of green land was a big, beautiful horse, running back and forth clearly enjoying the last of the fall weather (at least in my mind, he was!).  It felt so Norman Rockwell, I had to stop.  And when you see the following images, you’ll know why I think he was enjoying the day …. I’m pretty sure he put on a show for me!  horses_0003






And then he was done and it was time for both of us to  move on.  But I confess, I could have watched him all day!

I ran into a few sheep …



Stopped at a little park I was passing  ….



A few sights on a country road …





And the wheat blowing in the wind was gorgeous!



So just because, here are a few more foliage images … beautiful, colorful, and so picturesque!






And there you have it.  Thanks for reading through and sharing this journey with me!

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves–strong, powerful, beautiful–and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”

– Pam Brown




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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s true.

There was a time when summer was my most favorite time of year.  There was also a time when Christmas was tops on my list.  And then, when spring arrives, I’m pretty sure that IT’S the most beautiful season of all … so fresh and new!  But right now, with the chill in the air and the bright, beautiful and colorful leaves on the trees?  Yes, right now … THIS is my favorite time of year!

fall leaves_0013

A few years in a row I’ve headed south to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge … such a beautiful place with big, gorgeous trees — to get my fill of fall, its colors and my photo fun. This year, I spent some time at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco.  This  place is not nearly as big, but it is every bit as lovely, peaceful, serene and picturesque.

fall leaves_0003

fall leaves_0010

fall leaves_0001

fall leaves_0014

Call me crazy, but I enjoy checking out the headstones.  I figure out his or her age, who the person is buried next to, if they are family members and what their story might have been.  Somewhere, there’s a descendent who can’t visit or may not even know that this person existed …. I like to think that I visit in their stead.

fall leaves_0019

fall leaves_0021

fall leaves_0022

fall leaves_0007

And finally, there is a sweet little building with a beautiful window, a turret and ivy growing up its stone walls framing the windows perfectly.

fall leaves_0025

fall leaves_0026

fall leaves_0027

fall leaves_0028

I finally got to get my fall on … and it was well worth the wait!


Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.   –emily bronte



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