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beautiful family of 3

I had the pleasure of meeting these folks last month and photographing their sweet little family.  We made this session a lifestyle session to capture them doing what they do as a family … read, play, laugh, hug and love.  Max is 6 months old and a real cutie pie.  His personality matched his bright yellow shoes perfectly — all happiness and sunshine — and they both look great in pictures!  Clearly this is a family who love, who enjoy each other and like to make each other happy.  I love that kind of a family!

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What a nice time at Mines Falls in Nashua, NH, we had!  It was hot, but the shade of the woods kept us comfy and cool.   It was a pleasure to spend time with this family!


Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.    –Albert Einstein




jane is a family portrait and lifestyle photographer who specializes in capturing the connections between people who love.

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