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For those of you who know me, know that when I pick up my camera, I’m a very happy person.  I love my job, which isn’t a job at all because I have tons ‘o fun and meet some truly wonderful people.  I’m grateful for finding photography and for photography to have found me.   I’ve made this a business, and it’s a happy little business indeed!

But when I pick up my camera with no agenda, expectations and demands — when it’s just me, myself and my camera –my heart sings.   Lllllaaaaaaaaaa …. Can you hear it???!!!  THIS!  This is what fills my soul, feeds my creativity, allows me to observe, to look at seemingly meaningless things in a whole different way, and capture those moments — just for me.   It’s crazy good and I love it!

I just don’t do it enough.

2017: Project 52

So last year I participated in a Project 52 … that is, making and posting one personal photo per week …. which got me shooting more than I might have otherwise.  It was overall very fun, challenging,  fulfilling, and oh so pleasing to see the final 52 — my year — in its final form.  It’s worth noting that I do have one exception — week 48.  Well, that week was incredibly sad because we said goodbye to a man I have loved dearly for almost my whole life and my focus was not on making photographs, but rather on making a slideshow of his life to share with family and friends.  However, you will see his handsome and smiling face still added to Week 48 — a photograph I took when he was inducted into the Chevrus Hall of Fame a few years back.  It just feels right.

Before I share with you my Final 52, let me tell you what I’m doing for 2018….. any guesses?  Yup … a 365!!!  Stay tuned as I’ll share some of those throughout the year.

Without further ado …..  My 2017 week by week…


cupcakes, celebration, event photographer

2/52 jenga player, event photographer, goth makeup

3/53 Lucygirl, pet photographer

04/52 viva painting, childrens photography, new orleans5/52 mardi gras parade, confetti kids, algiers point, new orleans

6/52, slidell, parade, mardi gras

6a/52, dahlia, flower, black and white

7/52, sunset at fontainebleu state park, louisiana

8/52 parade route, new orleans mardi gras

9/52 girls jumping on bed new orleans photographer

10/52 saxaphone player, mardi gras parade, new orleans photographer

11/52 pink flower, new orleans photographer

12/52 tulip silhouette13/52 child photographer new orleans

14/52 child photographer mardi gras new orleans

15/52 street performer, new orleans

16/52 street performer, new orleans

17/52 street performer new orleans

18/52 girl jumping, new orleans photographer

19/52 tree silhouette, birds, maine photographer

20/52 peony, flower

21/52 memorial, photo, memorial day, flat, boston

22/52 flowering-tree-maine-photography

23/52 dog-nose-maine-photographer

24/52 peony-flower-stamen-maine

25/52 portland-building-maine-ivy

26/52 maine-ocean-scenic-cape-elizabeth

28/52 wheel-antique-car-maine-photographer

29/52 amusement-ride-old-orchard-beach

30/52 carrots-farmers-market-maine-photographer

31/52 city-hall-maine-photography

32/52 lobster-traps-black-white-maine-photography

33/52 child-closeup-maine-march-of-dimes

34/52 child-photographer-airborn-maine

35/52 child-photographer-peek-a-boo

36/52 elder-man-champion-patriots-maine

37/52 morning-sunrise-maine-seacoast

38/52 sunflower-field-balloons-newburyport

39/52 beach-seacoast-maine-sky

40/52 pretty-autumn-flowers-maine

41/52 old-white-door-maine

42/52 sunrise-lincolnville-maine-reeds-silhouette

43/52 tree-silhouette-sunset-east-end-maine

44/52 autumn-trees-foliage-providence-photographer

45/52 child-playing-louisiana-photographer

46/52 marilyn-monroe-kisses-universal-orlando

47/52 olympia-snowe-womens-leadership-institute-photographer

48/52 hall-of-fame-inductee-portland-maine

49/52 farmgirl-flowers-delivery

50/52 fanuiel-hall-boston-christmas

51/52 christmas-tree-farm-snow-maine

52/52 working-docks-maine-coast


Enter to win!!!

Did you get all the way through?  Thanks for that!  Tell me your favorite image and why …. and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a free one-hour session* anywhere between Boston and Portland, or New Orleans.  Use it for headshots, a family portrait, an engagement session, anniversary, a people and pet session,  or just for fun!   Comment on my Facebook page and you will automatically be entered!  Drawing will take place on January 31, 2018.

*Session only is free.  Digital files and prints may be purchased separately.  Non-transferrable.


jane berger photography

Jane Berger is a Maine, New England and New Orleans capturer of memories who loves making images of people connecting with people.  Or pets.  Or nature.  Well, you get the picture.  😉    Contact Jane at for more information.






Friday Favorites | Maine Lifestyle Photographer | Higgins Beach

Beach Yoga Lifestyle Session

If you know this lovely woman, then I’m sure your world is just a little bit brighter than it might be otherwise.  Lianna is a gem!  She’s caring and generous, focused and ambitious, and a whole lotta fun!  I met her when doing some volunteer photography for the Center for Grieving Children in Portland — a terrific organization.  When she started doing yoga, I wanted to photograph her doing what she had grown to love — at sunrise.

Here are Lianna’s favorite images from this beach lifestyle session, and her own words.

Jane captured so much in this photo and may not even have realized it! Wheel pose is so uplifting, not only does it open your heart, but it helps to create a sense of emotional stability. The sun rising at just the right moment foreshadows the burst of energy that you feel throughout your body when you reach the peak of the posture.

sunburst yoga
sunburst yoga


Higgins Beach is such a special place to me. Filled with childhood memories and fun times with family during the summers. It especially reminds me of my late grandfather, who loved this beach more than anyone. During this photo, I remember looking up and thinking of Thomas Donahue with a smile. Such a special moment for me, and Jane captured that.

sending love
sending love


This sums up how I feel about my husband in a nutshell. I could scream it from the mountain tops everyday—but icing on the cake was a quick vertical jump that Jane caught brilliantly, while being surrounded by the sand, sun and ocean.

jumping for joy
jumping for joy


My turn

Ha!  Two of Lianna’s favorites are two of my favorites!  Here are my choices, less the ones she already chose….


This moment of content sums up this early sunrise yoga session so nicely in one image.  Solitude — we were alone on the beach.  Beginnings — the sun was just coming up.  Calmness — this quiet second of contemplation.  And for me, the capture — camera at the ready;  time stopped.

sunburst, sunflower
sunburst, sunflower


I really like this image!  I like the strength represented in her shoulders, and her hand leading to the enormous ocean and world — full of possibilities and there for the taking.

within reach
within reach


I am in awe of what this image represents.  First, the promise of a new day is pretty fantastic, is it not?  And I don’t take nearly enough time to reflect, to ponder, to just be.  This is a reminder to do just that.  And when you practice this self caring on a beach?  That’s pretty darn cool!



Lifestyle sessions can take many forms, and this is just one.  It’s those seemingly ordinary moments that make up this thing we call life.  They aren’t so ordinary after all.



As a Maine lifestyle photographer, I find such joy in making your ordinary extraordinary.  Let’s talk!  207.730.1894.







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Maggie Bokor Jewelry — feel more you

Maggie Bokor is a real gem.  She’s one of those lovely people who speaks from her heart, who is in touch with her soul and is in tune with all that surrounds her.  She is talented beyond belief as an artist, jewelry designer and creator, writer, marketer, Nia dance instructor, Reiki practitioner, musician, singer, songwriter … oh, the list, I’m sure, could go on and on.  I’ve known her for years — we’ve collaborated on projects several times, and she’s my good friend.

Inspired by nature, Maggie’s jewelry is organic, timeless and elegant.  She pours her heart and soul into each piece she creates, and it shows in the beautiful sterling silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings she produces.   I love that she ties each of her lines to a natural element, and that each line is meant to awaken a feeling of self empowerment, strength, and serenity.  One of my favorites, her Echo collection, arouse feelings of connection.  But instead of me telling you all about this and her other lovely collections, visit her website and see for yourself.  (Maggie and I have had a few model sessions and you’ll see much of my work on her website.  More on that in another blog post.)

Maggie’s beautiful work is available across the country in many exclusive galleries and shops, including Abacus here in Portland and Archipelago in Rockland.  She makes it easy, too, by offering on-line shopping.

My own line … whaaaaat??????  Get this ….   Maggie is in the process of designing a line of jewelry specifically for me to offer my brides.  Imagine that!  I’m so darn excited!

So a couple of weeks back I spent a few hours with Maggie at SoPo Art Studios in South Portland where she works her magic.   It was a joy to capture her as she worked the details — sketching a design, crafting the clay, smoothing the rough edges, adding gemstones, soldering, polishing and packaging.

Be sure to visit her website and reach out.  Like I said, Maggie is a real gem and her jewelry is special and unique. As is she.


SoPo Art Studio
SoPo Art Studio
sketching and designing
sketching and designing
at work
at work
a few tools of the trade
a few tools of the trade

maggie lifestyle stomped_0012


making space for the jewels
making space for the jewels

maggie lifestyle stomped_0009


maggie lifestyle stomped_0006


each piece id'd as a maggie bokor original
each piece id’d as a maggie bokor original
inspired by nature
inspired by nature
travelling trunk
travelling trunk

maggie lifestyle stomped_0032

trying on the final product
trying on the final product
ready to fill a lucky someone's order
ready to fill a lucky someone’s order
the final product
the final product


“Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” — Leo Burnett


* Lifestyle sessions are designed to capture the seemingly ordinary moments of your everyday life in an extraordinary way.  
* Artist lifestyle sessions are available by contacting Jane Berger through her website here.    
* Jane is a small wedding, intimate celebrations and lifestyle photographer located in the Portland, Maine area.