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Part II of this two part series ūüôā has no flying monkeys, no falling houses, no threats against little dogs and no hourglasses counting the minutes to doom. ¬† And much to my chagrin, no ruby slippers either.

However, in honor of¬†Halloween — the spookiest and chilling holiday — we have the happiest witch of the east, and her name is Kristi! ¬†(If you missed part I, click here¬†for a brief lesson in Wicca — the practice my friend loves and lives.)


I’ve been wanting to do this session with her for quite some time and when the moon and the stars finally aligned (well, actually, when our mutual schedules offered some free time….), we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer! ¬†A little background here …. a few weeks before, while covering the Laudholm Craft Fair for Maine Magazine, I came across the nicest ladies who were hand crafting — wait for it —- BROOMS!!!! ¬†Sweet, beautiful, hand crafted brooms, made by Haydenville Broomworks, ¬†and there was one that was just perfect for our witchy session!!!! ¬†(Housework? ¬†Don’t be silly…..)


Fast forward to early October, and we are at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth. ¬†Having just finished observing and photographing Kristi’s Wicca practices, it was time to have a little fun! ¬†The sun was setting and the full moon was a-rising! ¬†Magic? ¬†Perhaps. ¬†I say bring it!











We should educate people that “Witch” is not evil but ancient and positive. ¬†The first time I called myself a “Witch” was the most magical moment of my life.

–Margot Addler, Wiccan Priestess


Have a spooktacular Halloween! And as Kristi often says … Blessed Be!

Jane is a lifestyle photographer, making the most of the seemingly mundane moments.  Contact Jane at for more information.




6 thoughts on “cape elizabeth lifestyle photographer | the happiest witch of the east”

  1. Janie, I love these photos and I loved our time together capturing this fun and special evening! I’m thrilled to share with you just a small part of my spirituality …… over the years, we’ve shared so much!

    You are gifted! You are an amazing talent, and your images hold such special meaning. THANK YOU for this gorgeous memory, honey! I’m looking forward to making many more!

    Love you!

  2. I like the part where the sun and moon aligned….that being said Kristi is the most beautiful witch ever!
    FYI – I am a member of a group called The Bewitching Stitchers – maybe a story for another month!

  3. Beautiful photographs of our witch, Kristi, and a haunting story told for the bewitching time at October’s end.

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